Monday, April 14, 2014

A Milestone

Prom was April 5th and my oldest was invited. This was a super. Huge. Big. Deal. For one thing I am not old enough to have a child old enough to go to prom. Right? Plus! She is a freshman and her boyfriend is a senior. She isn't allowed to date, but for prom we made an exception.


I was so pleasantly surprised by it all. I loved seeing her so happy and dressed up. She was glowing. The teenage years are rough, and to get this gift, this blessing of pure joy all day long as we prepared for prom, was something so unexpected and wonderful.



They had a great time and I am so glad we let her go. We are very rural here, so the dinner and dance were at a church hall within our district and an after prom was immediately following at the school. I really hope they don't change the locations because this is what made it much less stressful in the end. I didn't have to worry about them going out of town.

In other news, my youngest turned 13 this week. Wow. Two teenage girls. Pray for me please!


My how times flies!




Tricia said...

Emily: Your girls are beautiful! I'm so glad that you shared pictures of their big milestones. How is school? Are you enjoying it? I see your pins on and wonder how things are going for you. I hope that everything is going well! Tricia

GardenOfDaisies said...

Your girls are both just beautiful!! The prom dress and hair-do looked gorgeous on your oldest. What a fun time in your lives!! These years really are special for moms and daughters.

Emma Pearce said...

You have STUNNING daughters! Time flies so fast. You made the right call letting her go, the memories are worth all the anxieties.
Good luck with two teenage ladies on your hands, especially as they are so gorgeous xxx

Susan said...

Good Morning Sweet Friend from Kansas,
I have not been on your blog for some time and I am just now playing catch up.
Your girls are beautiful, what fun prom pictures.
My life changed big time in April when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I had a double mastectomy on the 28th and will start chemo on May 29th.
I have been really bad about blogging, but now I think I might start back up and keep a journal of my cancer experience.
Love and miss you, Susan Wells

Juniper said...

Your daughters have grown so! Beautiful girls. It was good of you to let her go and I so agree with what you write of that time in life, it can be very precious these milestone memories. Wonderful that it all went so well.


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