Saturday, February 1, 2014

An Update Through Instagram

It snowed last night. I love to go out right after a snow when it is still and quiet. You can hear the birds chirping and it is so peaceful for me. I also love to take our dog, Jack, out to play in the snow. In this pic I had just given him a treat and he wants another. It was actually a carrot flavored horse treat that I'd gotten for Rowdy, our horse. Apparently dogs aren't picky.

Last weekend we went to MU in Columbia, MO for our oldest daughter to compete in an indoor high school track meet. This was the sunset on the way home. It was fabulous.

This is a creek near our house this winter. I took this from my car as I was stopped on the low water bridge that goes over it. It was actually nearly 50 degrees that day believe it or not.

My two babies. Not so much babies any more. I just love them. It doesn't feel like the feeling is mutual lately, but I guess that is part of their growing up process.

I found this on Pinterest. I just love it. Isn't this the truth moms? All the pressure girls are under to be good at sports, have the best hair, clothes...a boyfriend. It is just exhausting for them. If only they could see, and really know, how wonderful they are to us. ((Sigh))

So, hopefully this catches you up a bit on my life since...Thanksgiving. Little Instagram snippets, that is what my life boils down to at the moment. Don't blink or you might miss it!

1 comment:

GardenOfDaisies said...

Beautiful sky and frozen creek. And beautiful girls! You are a lucky Mama! Teenagers are not a cake walk, but if you just love them through it all, everything will be Ok in the end.


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